How To Connect Gosund to Alexa – Easy Method

How To Connect Gosund to Alexa

Gosund has gained popularity for its scope of smart plugs and lights, yet the company likewise offers other smart home items. In the same way as other smart gadgets, Gosund items are intended to flawlessly coordinate with famous stages like Alexa and Google Home. So, wondering how to connect Gosund to Alexa.

To begin, ensure your Gosund and Alexa accounts are linked by setting up the devices on the Gosund or Smart Life app and confirming their functionality. Once you can successfully control the devices using the primary app, activate the Gosund skill on Alexa and initiate the discovery process for your smart devices.

This post will guide you through the process of setting up your Gosund devices and establishing a connection with Alexa. .

How To Connect Gosund to Alexa

Transform your living space with seamless integration! Connecting your Gosund smart devices to Alexa is a breeze when you follow these two simple steps.

Step 1: Set up your device on the Gosund app. Easily control your device through the app before taking the integration to the next level.

Step 2: Integrate with Alexa for a truly smart experience. Enable the Gosund skill on Alexa and discover devices on your network. Customize your devices on the Alexa app and unleash the power of voice commands.

Did you know? Most Gosund products are “Tuya compatible,” giving you the flexibility to use the Smart Life app for setup. Smart Life not only allows centralized control of devices from different brands but is also seamlessly compatible with Alexa. If you prefer the Smart Life route, check out our Smart Life Alexa integration article for a smooth setup.

For those who have already set up their devices, jump straight to the Alexa integration section.

Prerequisites for a seamless connection:

  • Your smart device is already set up on the Gosund app.
  • An Amazon Alexa account and an Alexa-enabled device running on your Alexa app.
  • A robust Wi-Fi network to access Amazon services.
  • Ensure your device is named in English or non-unique characters.

Experience the future of smart living by effortlessly linking Gosund to Alexa in just two simple steps.

Configuring the Gosund Device

Download the Gosund app from your designated app store and create an account. Choose the appropriate location and accept the terms and conditions.

Authorize the app to access your location and Bluetooth by granting the necessary permissions.

After setting up the app, plug your device into a functional power outlet and ensure it’s in pairing mode. In pairing mode, the LED indicator will flash in a specific color.

If you’re not seeing the LED blink, go ahead and reset the device to kickstart pairing mode.

Now, if the app manages to spot your device on its own, just go ahead and add it. However, if that doesn’t happen, there’s no need to worry! You can still manually integrate your Gosund device by following the steps below.

And don’t stress if the app doesn’t automatically pick up your device – we’ve got you covered!

Follow these steps to manually incorporate your Gosund device:

  • Open the Gosund app on your mobile device.
  • Tap the “+” icon to introduce a new device.
  • Navigate to the Device category on the left and select the appropriate type for your device – be it lighting, electrical, or more.
  • Pinpoint your device type, aligning with its unique features.
  • Connect to your network by selecting a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi and entering the correct password. Tap Next.
  • Confirm your device’s pairing mode by pressing the confirm button if the LED is blinking, or follow in-app instructions to reset the device.
  • Opt for your preferred pairing mode (Top right). Gosund offers EZ and AP modes, with the latter allowing connection to the device hotspot. Initiate AP mode by resetting the device twice.
  • Witness the magic as the app effortlessly locates, registers, and initializes your smart device.
  • Personalize your device by assigning it a meaningful name, using English or typical characters.
  • Revel in the convenience of accessing your device on the home screen for unparalleled customization and control. Put your device to the test and relish its responsiveness to the app.

Step into the future with Gosund – where simplicity meets sophistication in your connected home experience!

Connecting Gosund with Alexa

Connecting your device to Gosund and integrating it with Alexa is a simple process. First, ensure your device is connected to Gosund. After completing that task, proceed to connect it with Alexa by following these steps.:

Enable the Gosund Alexa skill to grant Alexa access to devices on your smart life account and incorporate them into your Alexa setup.

To integrate Gosund with Alexa, you have two convenient options. First, you can connect them by activating the skill within the Alexa app. Alternatively, you can establish the connection by linking Alexa through the Smart Life app. Both methods will accomplish the task.

It’s crucial to have an Amazon Alexa account and the Alexa app. If you don’t already have one, download the Alexa app from your app store and register for an account.

After installing the app, add the Alexa-enabled device to your account and perform a test to ensure that Alexa responds appropriately to your commands.

  • Launch the Gosund app.
  • Navigate to the bottom menu and tap the “Me” icon.
  • Choose “Voice Services” from the available options. Select the “Alexa” option within Voice Services.
  • In the Record Connecting segment, click “Connection” to empower the Gosund expertise under Alexa.
  • Whenever you’re prompted to log in, kindly provide your Alexa account credentials and grant approval.
  • Open the Alexa application, find, and design your gadget settings.

With this consistent coordination, you’ll open a universe of conceivable outcomes as your Gosund gadget easily speaks with Alexa, upgrading your brilliant home insight.

How to Use the Alexa app

Connect with the Alexa app in just a few simple steps. Follow this guide to effortlessly link your devices using the Alexa app and activate the Gosund skill. Here’s your roadmap:

  • Launch the Alexa app on your device.
  • Navigate to “More” in the bottom menu for additional options.
  • Choose “Skills & Games” from the list.
  • In the Discover Alexa search bar, enter “Gosund” and press enter.
  • Identify the correct skill by selecting the first option, distinguished by the Gosund logo, from the Smart Life Alexa skills list.
  • Hit the “Enable to Use” button to kickstart the linking process.
  • Complete the process by logging into your Gosund account. Choose your country, enter your email, complete the verification steps, and set your password. Tap Next Step to proceed and finalize the authorization.
  • Celebrate success! Close the window to unveil your Smart Life devices. Alternatively, you can command Alexa to “discover devices” for an automatic search that takes about 20 seconds, adding them to your network.
  • After your devices have been successfully discovered and added, it’s time to test their functionality with some straightforward voice commands. Experiment with “Alexa, turn off/on (device name)” to effortlessly control your connected gadgets.

Experience the magic of streamlined connectivity as Alexa seamlessly integrates with your Gosund devices.


In finishing up this exhaustive aide on interfacing Gosund to Alexa, you’ve left on an excursion towards a smarter, more associated home. By figuring out similarities, setting up your Gosund gadgets, and flawlessly connecting them to Alexa, you’ve opened the capability of smart robotization.

As you navigate the possibilities within the Alexa app, your voice now wields the power to command a demand of smart devices. Embrace the fate of home robotization, where comfort is only a voice order away. Welcome to the domain of a smart and interconnected living space.

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