How To Change Kasa WiFi Network – Try these fixes Easily

Kasa Change WIFI

You have to start an ongoing journey to solve WiFi connectivity challenges with smart devices.  A reliable WiFi connection is fundamental in our interconnected world, But a few interferences can be disappointing for you.

This guide will uncover solutions for your interests and use a simple to-utilize method for managing uncovered traps. From exploring repeat complexities to performing fruitful resets and remaining application insightful, this troubleshooting guide sets you up to rule your Kasa Smart and ensure persistent accessibility.

In this guide I’ll walk you through the steps to change the WiFi network on your Kasa camera, making your transition hassle-free.

How do I change The Wi-Fi on Kasa?

To change your Kasa device’s Wi-Fi, either manually reset or remove it from the app to clear previous settings. After resetting, set it up on the new Wi-Fi via the Kasa app as if it’s a new setup. This method erases prior configurations but facilitates a new network connection.

Alternatively, configuring the new router with the same network preserves settings and app configuration, yet it’s error-prone and might not always succeed.

This applies to all Kasa devices like cameras, plugs, switches, and bulbs. Once reset, connecting to the new network is simple.

Connect To The Right Frequency Of 2.4 Ghz

Make sure the new router shares the same wireless network name (SSID), encryption settings, and password as the old one. The goal is to have your Kasa camera or any other gadget connect to the new network just like it did with the old one.

Remember, Kasa cameras work only with 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi. If your new router supports both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz options, switch off the 5 GHz band when setting up. Alternatively, you can create separate networks for each band, each with its name and password.

Once the new network is set up, try connecting your phone. Choose the new Wi-Fi network and use the same password as before. Ideally, your phone should connect automatically to the new network.

Once your phone is in, power up the Kasa camera and if it doesn’t connect on its own, reconnect it through the app. If all goes smoothly with the new setup, this method lets you reconnect devices seamlessly without needing to reset anything. Just keep an eye out for any small details that could trip you up during setup.

Reset And Reconnect With Kasa

When you want to start fresh with your Kasa camera, wiping out the previous settings is the way to go. This puts your camera into pairing mode, making it ready to join a new network. Just keep in mind that your camera won’t function until you complete this process.

To reset your Kasa security camera 1, simply press and hold the reset button on the camera’s side for about 5-10 seconds. Watch for the red blinking light, signaling that the reset and reboot are underway.

For those with Kasa pan & tilt models, tilt the camera lens upward to reveal the reset pinhole. Press it for 5-10 seconds, and once the camera reboots, you can seamlessly add it back to the Kasa app.

As for the Kasa wired outdoor camera 1, the reset button is cleverly hidden behind the back cover. Remove the back panel to access it and press the button for at least 5-10 seconds. This step wipes out the previous Wi-Fi credentials, making room for the new setup. The camera will then reboot and enter pairing mode, indicated by a blinking amber and green LED light.

Now, head to the Kasa app and follow these steps:

  • Open the app and go to “Add device.”
  • Choose the option for “Pre-configured devices” from the menu.
  • Pick your camera and tap the “Do not reset” button if you’re only changing the network.
  • Proceed with the final steps to connect to the new network.

If, for some reason, this process doesn’t do the trick, you might need to fully reset the camera and add it as a completely new device.

Remove, Reset, And Reconnect Your Device

When you remove a device from the Kasa app and factory reset it, you essentially restore it to its original settings. This means wiping it clean of any previous configurations and removing it from your account entirely.

Once you’ve gone through this process, you’ll need to reconnect the device to the app and select the new network you want it to connect to.

While this method may seem lengthy, it’s a reliable way to switch your Kasa device to a different network. Keep in mind that if you have multiple devices, the process of removing and factory resetting each one could take some time, but it’s necessary.

To remove a device from the Kasa app, navigate to the home screen, select the device, tap the settings icon, then choose “Remove Device” and confirm your choice.

To factory reset your Kasa device, locate the reset or sync button and press it for 5-10 seconds. The device’s LED will blink in a specific color depending on its type, usually green or amber.

Once you’ve restored the factory settings, you can pair the device with the new Wi-Fi network, effectively changing its connection.

How Do I Connect My Kasa Plug To A New Wi-Fi?

To set up your Kasa device with your home Wi-Fi, start by downloading the Kasa app from either the Android or iOS app store. Once downloaded, register and verify your account. Once you’re logged in, proceed to connect your device to your 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network and add it to the app.

If your router broadcasts both 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz bands under one SSID, make sure to disable the 5 GHz option during the setup process.

Additionally, ensure that any VPN or Adblocker software on your mobile device is turned off to facilitate the quick discovery of the new device on your network. Enable Location Services and grant permission for the Kasa app to discover devices.

To complete the setup:

  • Launch the Kasa app on your smart device.
  • Press the “+” icon to add a new smart device.
  • Select the device category within the app.
  • Choose the correct model based on its model number, ensuring the device is powered and in pairing mode.
  • Connect to the device’s network as prompted by the app.
  • Enter your Wi-Fi network password for the 2.4 GHz network.
  • Name your device and tap “Next”.
  • Choose an icon or stick with the default option and tap “Save”.
  • Tap “Sounds Good” to finalize and access the device from the home screen.

Your Kasa device is now reset and connected to your new home network. You can additionally improve its usefulness by connecting it to Alexa or your preferred virtual assistant for voice control commands.

Final Thoughts

Troubleshooting Wi-Fi issues with Kasa devices is manageable with the right approach. By prioritizing the 2.4 GHz frequency, utilizing resets effectively, and staying updated with the Kasa app, users can overcome connectivity challenges. Embrace troubleshooting with certainty, realizing each step carries you nearer to expanding the capability of your smart home.

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