How to Reset a Lifx Bulb: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Reset a Lifx Bulb

If you own a Lifx smart bulb, there may come a time when you need to perform a reset. We’ve encountered situations where our Lifx bulbs became unresponsive, ceased functioning, and even went unrecognized by the Lifx app. Resetting is often the go-to solution in such instances.

There are various scenarios where resetting a Lifx light becomes necessary. For instance, if you’re handing your bulb to someone else or relocating it to a different house or wireless network, a reset might be the most straightforward option.

The process of resetting a Lifx light bulb or light strip doesn’t involve the app. Therefore, if you encounter challenges in pairing your bulbs or need to erase settings and revert to the factory state, follow these steps.

How To Reset A Lifx Bulb

Resetting a Lifx bulb is akin to performing a gentle reset on the heartbeat of your smart home. It’s the secret handshake that ensures your lighting system remains in harmony with your needs.

Whether you’re faced with an unresponsive bulb or gearing up for a firmware update, understanding the nuances of the reset process is paramount. This section acts as your guide through the primary steps involved in resetting a Lifx bulb.

From the simplicity of a soft reset to the comprehensive nature of a hard reset, each method ensures that your Lifx bulb not only illuminates your space but does so with unwavering reliability.

  • Press and Hold for a Soft Reset: Introduce the concept of a soft reset involving turning the bulb off and on consecutively. Emphasize the convenience of this method for addressing minor issues.
  • Factory Reset for Comprehensive Solutions: Explain the significance of a hard reset, involving a more thorough factory reset. Guide the reader on locating and pressing the reset button for this process.
  • Power Cycling for Quick Fixes: Discuss the power cycling method, a quick and effective solution for minor glitches. Highlight when to use power cycling as a troubleshooting technique.
  • Utilizing the Lifx App: Promote the Lifx app as a user-friendly tool for managing bulb settings. Guide users through the app’s reset or reboot options.

Checking Whether Your Model is a Genuine Lifx Product

It’s crucial to ascertain whether your Lifx Model falls under the first generation category. This distinction is significant because the initial models utilize a distinct resetting method.

If you didn’t pay close attention to product names when purchasing your Lifx bulbs, there are various ways to distinguish between the generations. Firstly, if you still have the original packaging, inspect it for any subtitles such as “Color,” “White,” etc.

For those without the packaging, you can compare your bulb with the image on the box. If your bulbs differ from the depiction on the box, you can be confident that you have a newer model, indicating a different resetting method.

Reasons for Resetting Lifx Bulb

Imagine your Lifx bulb as a technological companion, ever-ready to illuminate your surroundings with brilliance. However, even the most reliable companions occasionally need a moment of recalibration. In this section, we unravel the mysteries behind the need to reset a Lifx bulb. From addressing an unresponsive glow to preparing for firmware updates, understanding these reasons is key to maintaining the seamless performance of your smart lighting ecosystem.

  • Malfunctioning or Unresponsive Bulb: Illuminate the common issues leading to an unresponsive Lifx bulb. Address the need for a reset to bring the bulb back to optimal functionality.
  • Wi-Fi or Network Configuration Issues: Discuss how changes in network configurations may impact Lifx bulb connectivity. Emphasize the role of resetting in re-establishing a stable connection.
  • Firmware Updates: Explain the necessity of resetting after a firmware update. Showcase the benefits of staying up-to-date with the latest firmware for enhanced performance.

Rebooting Your Lifx Bulb

Discovering your LIFX Bulb model is the first step to a hassle-free reset. Once you’ve identified your bulb type, follow the simple steps outlined below for a seamless reset experience.

For the LIFX Bulb Original:

  • Toggle the switch on the side of the bulb.
  • Turn off and then on your phone’s Wi-Fi.
  • After two minutes, recheck your connection.

If you own a different LIFX Bulb model:

  • Toggle the light on and off five times.
  • Wait patiently for up to 30 seconds.
  • Verify if the network reappears.

These reset methods are universal and apply to all current LIFX bulb variants, including LIFX White, Color, and Candle.

Note: In the rare event that resetting momentarily extinguishes the light, don’t fret. Give it a moment, and then perform the reset again. Rest assured, this process won’t permanently extinguish your light.

Set Up Your Network Configuration

After resetting your LIFX bulb, it’s crucial to verify that the network settings for the new Wi-Fi network are accurate.

Verify Wi-Fi Settings: Double-check that your new Wi-Fi network is configured correctly. LIFX bulbs are optimized for 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connections, so make sure your network aligns with this requirement.

Addressing 5GHz Networks: If your router only displays a 5GHz network, you’ll need to enable the 2.4GHz frequency. Navigate through your router settings to make this adjustment. Should you encounter issues, the 2.4GHz network might be down due to router problems.

Router Reset: In case of a 2.4GHz network outage, perform a simple router reset:

  • Turn the router off.
  • Wait for about a minute.
  • Power the router back on.

This quick reset can often resolve connectivity hiccups and get your network back on track.

VPN Deactivation: If your router features a built-in VPN service, it’s essential to deactivate it for optimal performance. Head to the router’s settings webpage and switch the VPN off. Remember to also disable any VPN service on your phone before attempting to set up your LIFX bulb.

By following these steps, you’ll not only ensure a hassle-free connection for your LIFX bulb but also optimize your overall network settings for a seamless smart lighting experience.

Connect Your LIFX Bulb

Having successfully reset your LIFX bulb and configured the network settings, the next step is seamless integration.

Place the LIFX bulb in your desired room and illuminate your space by turning it on. Now, grab your smartphone, launch the LIFX app, and log in with your credentials.

Reconfigure the bulb settings, mirroring the process you followed on the previous Wi-Fi network.

However, if you’ve acquired a bulb that’s been previously connected by someone else, the upcoming steps may introduce you to some novel aspects of the setup.

Installing the Bulb

These few simple steps will get you set effortlessly:

On your screen, tap “Add Bulbs” to kick off the enchanting setup journey.

  • Navigate to your Wi-Fi settings and gracefully connect to the captivating world of the LIFX Bulb Network. Usually identified as the whimsical “LIFX Bulb,” this network awaits your presence, with the secret password being lifx1234.
  • Return to the LIFX app, where you’ll be prompted to select a network for connection. Opt for the 2.4GHz network, ensuring a seamless connection. Allow a moment for the enchantment to unfold.
  • Patience is key! The app may take its time, but fear not, for the result is worth the wait. Revel in the anticipation as the app notifies you of the completion of the process.
  • Voila! Your LIFX bulb now graces your app, ready to be tailored to your desires. Feel free to add a personal touch by renaming it and enhancing your overall experience.

Note: For those with the latest firmware bulbs, revel in the convenience as no password is required to access their mystical network. Allows for effortless setup!


To establish a connection between your LIFX bulb and a new Wi-Fi network, a reset is required. The process varies based on the LIFX bulb model, with distinctions between the original LIFX and subsequent models.

To initiate the reset, follow the specific instructions for your LIFX bulb model. Once completed and all previous data has been erased, you are prepared to seamlessly integrate your LIFX bulb(s) into the new wireless environment.

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